Martin Mohr Olsen

Prior research

The following is a shortened version of a chapter recently produced for a PhD thesis. I adopted the current form to account for scope and clarity. It also builds on research previously completed on sustainability implementation in higher education within the Arctic. A 2018 study (Blaxekjær, et al. 2018) identified emerging trends in Arctic academia, including the demand for innovative skills, the establishment of a "co-creation of sustainability" mission statement, adoption of the SDGs, and increased interest in Arctic conferences and collaborations. A 2019 report (Lauritsen et al. 2019) emphasised the role of students in driving sustainable development in the Arctic. A study of the University of the Faroe Islands (Olsen, 2020) examines its historical and organisational structure and potential for improved sustainability engagement. I (Olsen, 2021) explore institutional implications of a fourth mission statement and helix-based engagement in Natcher & Jokela’s (2021) volume on Renewable Economies in the Arctic. A systematic literature review explores global SDG implementation within academia, highlighting a need for stakeholder engagement and civic involvement (Olsen and Rosati, forthcoming). The present article aims to bridge local and global perspectives within the context of a larger body of work by examining how Arctic universities integrate sustainability into their operations at the regional level.

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