Natsuhiko Otsuka, Yuji Kodama, Minsu Kim and Yang Jian

This commentary paper presents a concise history of the North Pacific Arctic Community (NPARC), an initiative born out of the growing interest in Arctic affairs among non-Arctic nations, particularly those from Asian three countries namely, China, Japan, and Korea. Established in 2014, NPARC serves as a platform for interdisciplinary research and collaboration among China, Japan, and Korea, fostering discussions on emerging challenges and opportunities in the Arctic. Over the past decade, NPARC has grown and evolved, adapting to changing circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical shifts. This paper offers an overview of the latest NPARC Meeting held in Japan 2023.

Eda Ayaydin

The book Uluslararas─▒ ─░li┼čkilerde Arktik (The Arctic in International Relations) edited by myself, and my colleague Adnan Dal was published in Turkey and analyzes the Arctic region's significance in the context of international relations.

Given Turkey's status as a non-Arctic state and its relatively recent engagement with the region, there exists a prevalent set of stereotypes concerning the Arctic in this country. These stereotypes include assumptions such as an impending conflict in the Arctic due to the increased accessibility of hydrocarbon resources resulting from melting ice or expectations that Turkey can easily derive economic benefits from its involvement in the Svalbard Treaty1. In light of this kind of stereotypes, this book concentrates on presenting critical viewpoints and perspectives that encourage a more nuanced understanding of the Arctic in Turkey and vice versa.

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