Robert P. Wheelersburg

I realized from travelling to the Arctic that science has an absolutely critical role to play [in the future of the Arctic]. The Nordic countries are at the forefront of Arctic research … [and] are in an excellent position to contribute with the best of our knowledge, ideas and new solutions…Coming generations may not have a voice or a vote. At least not yet. But we owe them to make the right decisions, and to base those decisions on solid knowledge - and, above all, to act accordingly. I am quite sure that the Arctic enthusiast King Oscar would agree. And that his namesake, my 3-year-old son, Prince Oscar, expects nothing less.

- HRH Crown Princess Victoria, Arctic Circle Assembly, October 10, 2019

Gerald Zojer

The Idea of the Calotte Academy

The Calotte Academy (CA) is, on the one hand, an annual travelling symposium in Europe’s Arctic, North Calotte region and, on the other, an international, independent, academic forum in the Arctic. It is designed first, to promote interdisciplinary discourse and second, to foster academic and policy-oriented dialogue among members of the research community, as well as a wide range of other northern stakeholders, such as policy- makers, civil servants, community leaders and planners, business representatives, and members of academia. On the other hand, it is an international summer school (and in 2019 a winter school) for early-career scientists, particularly PhD candidates and post-docs with an aim to implement the interplay between senior and young researchers, and post-graduate students.

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